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Our program goal is to provide fun-filled learning opportunities that allow children to maximize their social, emotional and academic growth through authentic activities and real world experience. We accomplish this through a unique program blend of residential camping, enrichment activities, and travel.

The residential camping locations for the Healing Forest Institute's program will be held on selected American Camp Association (ACA) accredited sites locally, regionally or nationally. These camp locations meet the high standards of health, safety and management required by the organized camping industry.

Our Summer Travel Adventure Program itineraries are developed by the Board of Directors in consultation with a Youth Advisory Network of teachers and students. 

Participating campers are encouraged to enroll for the three year span of their middle school years for maximum academic and social enrichment. Each summer, campers will be engaged in a combination of residential camping and a travel adventure that includes health and wellness, recreation, academics, social skills, and fun activities. 

The structured schedule, not only immerses children in the beauty of nature, it supports a positive social climate in which they can experience success and develop life long friendships. During the Summer Travel Adventure, campers will visit college campuses, and cultural or historic landmarks, in different cities and states as they travel back home to DC...learning along the way!©

The Fall and Spring Institutes are one day events that re-unite our summer participants. Activities may include a day of sightseeing (e.g. museums), an afternoon of fun (annual bowling tournament), or an academic and social skill building special event (e.g. STEM workshops). 

The 2016 Fall Institute was held at the historic National African-American Museum of History and Culture! The 2017 Fall Institute introduced the 1st Annual Winter Camp "Bowling Tournament" at Lucky Strikes Lanes, DC, which continued in 2018.

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