the healing forest institute, inc

           "turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones...
                                         learning along the way!"

The 3rd Annual Small Gifts Campaign for 2018!

Your Support Makes a BIG Difference!

Our girls have studied and traveled together for two years as middle school sisters. Help them join their "Sister Circle" again this year in the 2018 Summer Travel Adventure.

Parents pay what they can--We raise the rest.

                                                                         Consider This:

                                               $19.00 will buy a backpack for one girl
                                   $19.00 a month will buy school supplies for all girls

                                                   $75.00 will save a space for a girl
                                                   $75.00 a month will sponsor a girl

You choose the amount, all donations help.
Your generous gifts will start the positive ripple effect in the life of a deserving child.