the healing forest institute, inc

           "turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones...
                                         learning along the way!"

        Welcome to The Healing Forest Institute, Inc!

Many thanks to our supporters for making the 2017 Summer Travel Adventure program a success. Special thanks to the parents for sharing their children with us. Much appreciation to our middle school girls, who pushed their comfort level to seek new experiences.

Your donations really made the difference between a girl staying home in the heat of the city, or having a cool experience on the road with her peers.

Please continue to help us provide deserving girls with an experience of a lifetime. 

 Click here and donate online. Or write a check  to  The Healing Forest Institute, Inc, 1629 K Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC, 20006.


We had a great time traveling through 5 different states...learning along the way!!

Using the positive ABC vocabulary words we learned, the girls were awesome,astute, brilliant, bold,courageous and creative.

 We will be sharing  the highlights of our VA, in North Carolina, in New York City, in Philly and in Lancaster, PA.

Stay tuned for the details of our upcoming 2017 Fall Institute activity.
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