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Document Your Service Learning Hours


As the new school year begins, remember that community service hours are a requirement for high school graduation. There are many students who risk their graduation status because they do not take this component seriously, and, thus, do not have enough verifiable hours by Grade 12.

If students volunteered and completed service learning hours this summer, they should document their work hours and submit the appropriate form to the school counselor---NOW--while it is fresh in their mind! Current high school students, grades 9-12, who have not yet started their hours, or are behind in the recommended, 25 hours per academic year, should start now. DCPS requires 100 hours, beginning in Grade 9.

Both DCPS and PGCPS have verification forms, requirement guidelines, and a wealth of resources on their websites: and your individual school, and other school districts for additional information.

Plan to use weekends and holiday breaks - not just for sleep - but in service to others.Make a list of places of interest and keep a copy of your hours. Students who are in middle school, especially Grade 8, should begin to find opportunities for community service as well, in preparation for high school.

The Healing Forest Institute, Inc supports service learning projects and other "out-of-school-building" authentic learning experiences, because it allows students to use critical thinking skills,practice social skills,and find their voice through immersion in real world situations.Working with organizations on meaningful service learning projects, is also a great way to network. We will be posting opportunities to serve the community on this site.


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