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Timeline for 2019 Summer Programs

Timeline for 2019 Summer Programs: Don't Miss Important Deadlines for Applying!

If you are planning to put your child(ren) in a summer program, this is the time to research options and sign up. Most camps, specialty training/ enrichment programs, and out-of-school activities are planned in the fall, and finalized in December.

Many Summer 2019 dates are posted and programs are ALREADY enrolling. Don't miss great opportunities because you miss the deadline to enroll. Save your space NOW! This includes summer internships, pre-college programs, and employment opportunities for eligible students.

  • The Healing Forest Institute, Inc has opened its Early Bird pre-registration for returning campers.

  • The Maryland National Parks and Planning Commission has posted its 2019 seasonal positions.

  • The application for summer jobs, through the DC Summer Youth Program, opened last week on January 17th, and will close on February 16th (

Use these cold days indoors to plan for the warm days that are coming. If you check the calendar, we're really only four months away from high school graduations, and five months away from the close of school—even with snow days!


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